"Excellent product and customer Service"

Wreckless Productions

"This is an awesome kit...my fox runs so much better! No more stalling when it’s hot and my tach needle doesn’t flicker and jump around anymore. This kit was an easy install if you’re a little mechanically inclines. I should’ve had this kit years ago! Ray is an awesome guy to do business with, if I had any questions or concerns, he was right there, a phone call away....very nice guy! Thanks FATFOXX!!"

Jay Johnson (Bruce)

"Great product. Everything you need to relocate the TFI plus very detailed instructions with lots of pictures. Plus you can call them and they will answer all your questions. My install took about 8hrs. Slow because the engine bay was complete and it was a one man job. If you had the plenum and bumper cover off you could take a couple of hours off the time. Not a lot of room in a stock Fox. Started right up on the first try. I would highly recommend their TFI relocation kit and their customer service."

Bill Morgan

Best Product . Best coustamer service I have ever had . Ray was a big help any question I had he helped. Took me about 4 hours to do the install (not fat foxx) mine . Installed on my 91 f-150 . GREAT product and coustamer service . Have had this issue with my truck for a long time replaced everything I could think of . This kit solved my problem instantly. THANK YOU FATFOXX for everything. Josh jax fl

Little Bowcephus