423706B Kit



This kit was introduced in 2013 when we ran into a customer who wanted a cool location that would get plenty of air. We machine these in-house and keep tolerances tight. This kit was also based on our standard 423706 kit and the only difference is the heat sink and the mounting bracket. The 423706 kit is full finned whereas the 423706B kit has three fins machined off of it so the TFI Module can be mounted directly to the front of the heat sink. The 423706 kit also has an angle mounting bracket whereas the 423706B kit has a flat stock mounting bracket. This type of heat sink is mounted to the core support of the car. We recommend these kits in all 50 States and abroad.

                                                                                               KIT INCLUDES:

Front mounted high quality machined aluminum heat sink/ 3 color coded extension wires/ heat shrink and all stainless steel hardware/ 9’6″ PIP harness (twisted shielded)/ A VERY DETAILED SET OF ILLUSTRATED INSTRUCTIONS/ Dielectric grease/ ARCTIC SILVER 5.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 3 in


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